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Netbeans blank window

If you're trying to run Netbeans on JDK 1.7 under some tiling manager, you can end up with grey blank screen. Here is how to fix it :)

Keywords: Java, Linux, Netbeans, Tiling manager, xmonad

Can't emerge Netbeans with ant 1.9+

If it complains about incompatible types:

[javac] found   : java.util.Hashtable<java.lang.String,java.lang.Object>
[javac] required: java.util.Map<java.lang.String,java.lang.String>
[javac]         Map<String,String> properties = getProject().getProperties();
[javac]                                                                   ^

Just mask these packages (need downgrade to ant 1.8.x):

Keywords: Linux

rdesktop to Windows Server doesn't share drives


rdesktop servername -r disk:store=~/store

desn't work, try to share sound device too:

rdesktop servername -r disk:store=~/store -r sound:local:alsa

Keywords: Linux, Windows

Find linux package containing file

Find packages containing
in Gentoo:
# emerge app-portage/gentoolkit
# equery belongs dd
Keywords: Gentoo, Linux

dd: ignore errors

If you have e.g. broken file or disk and you want to try to copy as much as possible data, you can instruct dd to ignore errors:

dd if=/mnt/sda/file of=/mnt/sdb/file conv=noerror,sync
Keywords: Linux, linux, dd, ignore errors, dd errors, dd ignore errors
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