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Jenkins Git Fetch sometimes hangs

Sometimes when job build is started it hangs and just first line of log is shown. You have to manually abort the build and run again.

This happened on Windows. Here is solution which worked for me (although I don't know actual cause of problem): Jenkins called
from bin directory (the actual executable run was
). If I changed the called program to
everything started to work fine, no more hangs.


Keywords: Git, Jenkins, Windows

Removing wrongly created branch from Git

If you accidentally fetched branch or branched local one and named it incorrectly (remotes/master instead of remotes/origin/master):

$ git branch -a
* master

You can't delete it using

$ git branch -d "remotes/master"
error: branch 'remotes/master' not found.

But you have to use

$ git branch -rd master
Deleted remote branch master (was d980b5e).
Keywords: Git, remove branch
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